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Why You Should Upgrade Your Commercial Freezer: The Ultimate Guide

Food retailers rely heavily on commercial freezers for food storage. If you are the head of any food business, you will no doubt be aware that it is a significant piece of equipment for your daily operation. However, every piece of equipment has a lifespan, and as it nears its end, it begins to develop faults.

Typically, the lifespan of a commercial cooler is around eight to ten years. Once your commercial refrigerator passes this, you should consider investing in a new one. Although commercial refrigerators are expensive, purchasing a new one is a significant investment in your business.

According to the United States FDA, you must keep refrigerated products at 40 Degrees Fahrenheit or lower. For walk-in coolers, it’s best to set the temperature within the range of 35-38°F.

Yet, one of the most common signs of an old walk-in freezer is the inability to maintain a consistently cold temperature due to several failing components, leading to a possible rise in energy cost for the business due to the poor refrigerator’s inefficiency.

Reasons To Upgrade A Commercial Walk-in Freezer

Old Age

Depending on the durability and model of your commercial cooler, you should be able to use it for an average lifespan of ten years with regular upkeep and maintenance. However, it is not uncommon that some walk-in refrigerators will not last up to that because of inadequate care. Regardless, the older the system, the more inefficient it becomes.

More Storage

Modern walk-in refrigeration units are generally larger yet more conveniently designed, which is beneficial if you need more cooling capacity. This way, you can save more on your energy bills and space.

Faulty Beyond Repairs

Commercial freezers are bound to undergo repairs during usage years; over time, the systems become too beaten up beyond repairs. In such cases, your refrigeration gear might develop problems such as a leaking evaporator, loud noises, or a rusted-out condenser. Thus, buying a new commercial cooler is a better investment than the high cost of repairs.

Benefits Of Upgrading Your Commercial Refrigeration Unit

Less Electrical Use

One of the pros of investing in an upgraded commercial freezer is its energy-efficient operations. Therefore, a modern commercial refrigerator can reduce electricity use with several energy-efficient functions such as motion sensors for lighting, timers for defrosting, high-efficiency compressors, intelligent motor systems, etc.

Less Global Warming Impact

During manufacturing, energy-efficient operations are considered in modern commercial refrigerators to reduce power consumption. In addition, modern commercial coolers are now switching to natural refrigerants such as hydrocarbons from CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs to reduce the emission of harmful refrigerants and their environmental impact.

More Cooling Potentials

New commercial refrigerators will have better cooling potential than older walk-in coolers. Thus, you won’t have to worry about your old commercial freezer cooling in some places more than others. A modern walk-in freezer will refrigerate your food products evenly and limit the risk of damaged food products caused by insufficient cooling.

Space Saving

Modern commercial freezers are usually more spacious and ergonomically designed to help you store more products. As a result, you can save space in your kitchen or utilize a smaller size. Plus, these ergonomic features can also increase your efficiency and results.