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Why Is Regular Commercial Walk-in Refrigerator Maintenance Important?

Commercial freezers are vital to your business if you deal with perishable products that need to be stored properly. However, they are also huge investments that should be maintained adequately after purchase to keep them in good condition.

This way, you can prevent major breakdowns, and given the high cost of replacing or repairing commercial coolers, it is crucial to carry out regular maintenance. Aside from the high cost of repairs, not regularly maintaining your walk-in freezer leaves you with a less efficient cooling system. Thus, leading to high use of energy and an increase in global warming impact.

Below are some reasons you should carry out regular maintenance for your commercial refrigeration unit and helpful tips to keep your cooling equipment running smoothly.

Cons Of Avoiding Regular Commercial Freezer Maintenance

Shortened Lifespan

Regular maintenance of your commercial refrigeration system helps keep critical components of the system in good shape. Thus, a lack of scheduled maintenance can shorten the lifespan of your cooling equipment because you drag out addressing issues until they become severe and irreparable.

Lack Of Energy Efficiency

An efficiently running cooling system is energy-saving as it functions regularly without malfunctions. Unfortunately, a commercial refrigerator not maintained can begin to run inefficiently and use more electricity. Thus, leading to an increase in energy bills and affecting the environment.

Defective Cooling Components

Once you use your commercial refrigeration system for some years without proper maintenance, there’s a high chance of your freezer components failing. Usually, it is expensive to replace a defective walk-in freezer component, and it will require some downtime to repair. Hence, it’s better to maintain your system regularly to avoid such issues.

Stuck Evaporator Fans

The evaporator fans in the cooling system are responsible for keeping air flowing through the unit and across the coils to maintain an even temperature. However, a lack of regular maintenance can cause your evaporator coils to freeze. This ice frost obstructs your fan blades and creates more strains on the fans as they try to roll and maintain an even temperature in the unit.

Frozen Coils

Your commercial cooling unit can develop frozen coils for several reasons, such as malfunctioning fans, dirty coils or air filters, and even low refrigerants. Unfortunately, these are issues you might not notice until it becomes serious unless you carry out regular maintenance, such as cleaning your walk-in refrigeration unit.

Tips To Keep Commercial Walk-in Freezer In Good Condition

Constant Sanitation

Although the FDA recommends storing foods at 0°F to inactivate bacteria, it doesn’t stop them from growing. So, regularly cleaning and sanitizing your walk-in freezer is essential to eliminate growing bacteria.

Monitor Refrigerant Level

Low-level refrigerant causes your unit to overwork, leading to a frozen evaporator, which can affect the efficiency of your commercial refrigerator. Therefore, regularly monitoring your refrigerant level can help you determine if it’s low or if your freezer leaks and repair it at once.

Plan Regular Scheduled Servicing

It is recommended that most walk-in freezers are serviced 2 to 4 times yearly, bi-annually, or quarterly depending on the frequency of use and location. So, you could create a schedule for servicing your commercial cooler based on how well you use it.

Hire Professionals For Internal Checks

Professional service entails more than just cleaning the condenser or fans. We usually inspect all components, take electrical readings, and calibrate the system to ensure that all is in good condition.