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Reasons Your Walk-in Commercial Refrigeration Unit Isn’t Cooling And Solutions

A malfunctioning walk-in commercial freezer is a nightmare for a business owner in the hospitality industry because a properly functioning refrigerator is the backbone of any restaurant, hotel, convenience store, liquor store, etc. These businesses rely heavily on a commercial cooler to keep their products fresh.

Therefore, one cannot overemphasize the importance of investing in a durable commercial refrigerator and regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. Still, despite these precautions, it doesn’t guarantee that your commercial freezer will never break down without warning.

Here we will identify the common issues that hinder your commercial walk-in cooler from cooling and some simple tips to help you troubleshoot the problem. These tips won’t only help you save money on repairs but will also save you from the frustration of business downtime or product spoilage.

Causes Of Non-cooling Commercial Refrigerators

Faulty Thermostat

The temperature control of a commercial refrigerator should be the first thing to check once your walk-in freezer starts malfunctioning. If the thermostat is faulty or in the wrong settings, it won’t provide the precise temperature and cool air needed to keep stored items fresh. FDA recommends using appliance thermometers to know the temperatures.

Blocked Vents

Sometimes, the most effective solution is the simplest one. For example, the cause of the temperature fluctuation in your walk-in cooler could result from obstructed vents which affect appropriate airflow. Remove any items blocking the air vents, and keep your refrigerator organized.

Broken Door Gasket

Door gaskets provide a seal to keep cold air in the refrigerator and keep warm air out. Hence, once it’s broken, there’s bound to be a change in the internal temperature of the walk-in cooler because cold air tends to escape quickly.

Early Symptoms Of A Malfunctioning Walk-in Freezer

Here are some early signs to alert you of an issue with your commercial freezer before it breaks down.

    ●   Frozen evaporator.

    ●   System not running.

    ●   Indoor or outdoor fans not working.

    ●   Not keeping cool air.

    ●   Ice on the freezer exterior.

How To Fix A Non-cooling Commercial Refrigerator

Fix Faulty Compressor

One of the essential components of a commercial freezer is its compressor. It is responsible for controlling the refrigerant that keeps your refrigerator cool. Hence, once it becomes defective, you may notice an increased temperature in your freezer. Compressor replacements are expensive, so it is crucial to repair them immediately to avoid more significant losses.

Inspect Popped Breakers

Overloaded circuits, malfunctioning defrost heaters, noise in the system, or a failure in wiring can cause a popped breaker. Check if any breakers popped and have the refrigerating system inspected by professionals before resetting the breakers.

Note that a tripped breaker is a sign of a fault with the system, and resetting breakers without inspection will potentially cause more component failures and fire hazards.

Replace Defective Fans

Evaporator fans work alongside the compressor. The fan distributes cold air inside the freezer over the evaporator coils; thus, your compressor will be affected once a fan is faulty, and the refrigerant temperature will rise. To fix, inspect and contact a professional to replace defective fans or clean the fan and coils with a soft cloth if dirty.