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Possible causes of short cycling in your reach-in commercial refrigerator

If you’re working in your kitchen, you may notice a clicking sound from your refrigerator when the compressors kick off and start to cool. Naturally, this is one of those refrigerator noises you may need to note. However, if the click sound continues on and off, it indicates that the compressor is turning on and off. For instance, you may hear it come on, and 30 seconds later, it goes off and continues in that pattern for a while, then your refrigerator may have an issue. Clicking off and on may not affect the refrigerator’s temperature, but it will leave you with a very high electric bill, so it mustn’t be overlooked. The continuous starting and stopping of the compressor are known as short cycling. Short cycling results from low or subsequently high suction pressure (cut in or out). It can be upsetting and a bit bothersome when your refrigerator clicks on and off too many times, and it could even go unnoticed. This is why listening to the compressor’s sound is essential. If your reach in the refrigerator is short cycling or turning on and off, follow these simple tips to remedy it.

Tips on how to diagnose or fix short cycling

Once you notice that your compressor is tripping off and on, it is best to unplug the unit in order to avoid damaging critical components. Next, carry out a thorough physical inspection to determine the problem. If you notice the symptoms in time and are able to inspect them quickly, you may be able to fix the problem without having to replace any part. First, check to see if your refrigerator coils are clean. If they are dirty, then you should clean them up. Adjusting the thermostat to a different temperature may be a solution to short cycling. However, if you notice the issue is from the power cord, then you should cut off the power immediately and invite a professional to handle it properly.

If you have inspected the obvious and all other areas and there are no issues. However, the refrigerator is still tripping on and off. Your final resort is replacing the faulty capacitors or relays, which requires taking apart the refrigerator. However, they are simple to replace and are seen as the last resort.

Possible causes of short cycling

    ●   Locked compressor

    ●   Plugged condenser

    ●   Failed temperature control or computer

    ●   Too much cooling water in the compressor

    ●   Freezing of the evaporator coil

    ●   Incorrect thermostat settings

    ●   Faulty relays and capacitors

    ●   Damaged power cord

Before rushing to call an electrician, try troubleshooting and inspecting the unit to determine the problem, and it could be a simple DIY fix. Rather than pay hefty amounts for a quick fix, with this guide, you can find your way around the problem. However, if you have done the most you can as a non-professional or if you’re dealing with exposed electricity or something dangerous, it’ll be best to call the attention of a technician.