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Is your reach in commercial refrigerator leaking? Here’s how to fix it

A leaking commercial refrigerator can be frustrating and stressful. You may notice your refrigerator leaks once it gathers a small pool of water on the floor, which can get messy and dangerous. It increases the potential of small accidents in the kitchen as the floor would almost always be slippery. Most people take refrigerators for granted, but a commercial refrigerator is a key to any food and beverage business. A leaking refrigerator shouldn’t be ignored because it could lead to potential water damage that’ll require more repairs and costs. Any commercial kitchen requires a commercial refrigerator or freezer as it is a priority to keep the foodstuffs fresh and preserve leftovers. A leaking fridge may not necessarily affect the temperature. However, it could prove dangerous, and if left unfixed, it may cause other issues in the refrigerator. If your commercial refrigerator leaks and has issues, it’ll affect your business and may cost you more than you realize. However, not every problem requires the attention of a technician; some minor issues can be sorted out yourself. If your refrigerator leaks, here are some tips on what could be wrong and how to fix it.

Figuring out the problem

Clogged drains cause the most common leaks in reach in refrigerator units. Carry out an inspection on the refrigerator to ensure every other thing is functioning properly. Check if the door seals are intact or broken. Broke door seals can cause excessive condensation, which then leads to leaking. When troubleshooting your leaking fridge, time counts as water can easily flow to nooks and crannies where it isn’t needed and can cause heavy damage. First, get a mop or towel for the water and turn off the refrigerator while inspecting.

Causes of a leaking refrigerator

    ●   Clogged drain

    ●   Cracked drain pan

    ●   Leaking water filter

    ●   Broken door seals

Tips for fixing a leaking refrigerator

Check the refrigerator’s door seals

It is important to check the refrigerator doors while troubleshooting. If a door seal is damaged or worn out, the refrigerator won’t seal properly, which may affect the temperature and cause excess condensation, which could lead to leaking. You can change your door seals or fix them if they are damaged to ensure the fridge is sealed properly.

Repair the damaged drain pan

Naturally, a refrigerator leaks a certain amount of water. However, it has a drain pan placed under it and is designed to store the water while it safely evaporates rather than dropping to the floor. Leaking may be a result of a cracked or damaged drain pan. If your drain pain is damaged, replace it, which may be the solution.

Unclog the defrost drain

Along the back wall of the freezer compartment, there’s an opening for moist air to escape. If this opening, known as the defrost drain, gets blocked by ice, dirt, or foodstuffs, the condenser coils would work overtime, leading to excess condensation and leaking. To fix it, search for the defrost drain and ensure it isn’t blocked or clogged. You could unclog the drain by squirting warm water through it. Wait a day or two to see any changes and call a professional if it continues to leak.