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Is Your Commercial Walk-in Freezer Leaking? How To Fix

Any hospitality business needs a commercial refrigerator to store fresh perishable food. As the business owner of an enterprise who depends mainly on commercial coolers, buying a durable brand is as essential as its upkeep to ensure the system is running smoothly. Failure to do so will likely cause a significant loss of money and a disruption of working time.

One of the numerous reasons for ongoing maintenance is that commercial walk-in refrigeration repair can be costly. However, a quick repair can save you some money and your cooling system from expensive repairs or replacements in the future.

There are several issues to watch out for regularly to ensure that your refrigerator is in good condition, but one of the most common ones is leaks, as recorded by Consumer Reports in a survey. A leaking walk-in cooler can cause a lot of concerns, such as component malfunctions, electric shock, etc. Below are some steps and tips to help you solve refrigerator leaks.

Signs Of A Leaky Commercial Refrigeration Unit

Odd Odors

It is easy to detect a refrigerant leak from your commercial freezer because of its odd smell. So if you notice strange odors in your refrigerator, it could be a sign that your compressor pipes are broken and leaking. Reach out to a professional to check it out and repair it immediately.

Leaky Evaporator Coils

Using harsh chemicals to clean your commercial walk-in cooler usually causes corrosion. This creates tiny holes in your evaporator coils which generate leaks and affect your refrigerant’s ability to produce cool air. Contact a professional to repair and ensure you regularly clean the evaporator coils with the appropriate cleaner.

Condensation Around Doors

One of the symptoms of a leaky commercial cooler is condensation. If the temperature outside is warm and humid, it can generate condensation around the doors or freezer exterior. Usually, dehumidifying or air conditioning the air around the commercial freezer can quickly solve this symptom.

Solutions For Leaky Commercial Freezers

Fix Clogged Drains

Walk-in coolers have an automatic defrost function, so sometimes, food particles or other debris could block the drain hose and lead to ice buildup. Usually, this could result in water leaks, so the best way to solve this is to flush the drain with warm water to melt the ice and remove accumulated particles.

Change Door Seals

Doors left open, or doors with poor seals can cause water leaks. First, check to see that the door is closed correctly and visually examine the rubber gasket around the commercial freezer door opening to note any cracks or holes. If you do, contact a professional walk-in freezer technician to help you replace the door gasket.

Repair Leaky Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils are significant components of your commercial refrigeration unit; replacing them can be expensive. So, it is best to contact a professional to check it out for suitable repair options immediately after noticing any little leak. Till a technician checks out the evaporator coils and finds a convenient solution, you can put something underneath it to catch the water.