Is your reach in commercial refrigerator leaking? Here’s how to fix it

A leaking commercial refrigerator can be frustrating and stressful. You may notice your refrigerator leaks once it gathers a small pool of water on the floor, which can get messy and dangerous. It increases the potential of small accidents in the kitchen as the floor would almost always be slippery. Most people take refrigerators for granted, but a commercial refrigerator is a key to any food and beverage business.

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Possible causes of short cycling in your reach-in commercial refrigerator

If you're working in your kitchen, you may notice a clicking sound from your refrigerator when the compressors kick off and start to cool. Naturally, this is one of those refrigerator noises you may need to note. However, if the click sound continues on and off, it indicates that the compressor is turning on and off. For instance, you may hear it come on, and 30 seconds later, it goes off and continues in that pattern for a while, then your refrigerator may have an issue. Clicking off and on may not affect the refrigerator's temperature, but it will leave you with a very high electric bill, so it mustn't be overlooked.

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Reasons your Reach-in Commercial Refrigerator is not Cooling and Tips on How to Solve the Problem

As a restaurant manager or owner, there are not many things as frustrating as a commercial fridge that isn’t cooling. The refrigerator is a main component of the kitchen and restaurant at large and can cause loss when not working properly. A well-cooling, reach-in commercial refrigerator is key to any functional restaurant and shouldn’t be overlooked. If you notice your refrigerator isn’t cooling or circulating enough cold air, it doesn’t automatically mean the fridge is dysfunctional or should be condemned because it can be fixed! You must act quickly if your refrigerator isn’t working properly before your inventory goes to waste.

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Reasons Your Walk-in Commercial Refrigeration Unit Isn’t Cooling And Solutions

A malfunctioning walk-in commercial freezer is a nightmare for a business owner in the hospitality industry because a properly functioning refrigerator is the backbone of any restaurant, hotel, convenience store, liquor store, etc. These businesses rely heavily on a commercial cooler to keep their products fresh. Therefore, one cannot overemphasize the importance of investing in…

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